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  • Shankheda Mandap in 4 sizes
  • Peacock Mandap
  • Dome Mandap
  • Ghada Mandap
  • Round Mandap
  • Half Circle Mandap
  • Fiberglass Crystal Mandap

We have the most exquisite MANDAPS for your wedding day. Choose from our large range of mandaps, available in variety of designs and sizes. Our Mandaps are hand painted or carved, it is a treasure featuring natural beauty and art of our culture.

When we do mandap, we keep in mind our Hindu rituals. Mandap has 4 polls, which represents 2 sets of parents, who are there to support your married life. These 4 polls are 4 directions.

While setting up mandap we work with Bride and rituals. Make sure mandap is facing East, North or Northeast. We meet Bride at the Venue and go thru all the details and learn Bride’s dream and plans.

We did not know when you came and did your work. Very prompt.

Ketki Gadgil, 2003

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