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You did very nice decoration. We were very happy.

Anita Rampal, India Cash & Carry, San Ramon, 2007

You are professional, very thorough, you followed our regulation, I will recommend you anytime.

Shanon, Event coordinator, Corinthian Event Center, San Jose, 2006

Thank you for all your hard work, Mandap looked beautiful. Thanks for making our event a success.

Vijal & Daniel Gehani, Hays Mansion, San Jose 2006

You did great job in Nami’s wedding Thanks for doing it. You were professional. Hayes people are impressed with you.

Nayana Zaveri, Nami’s Wedding, Hays Mansion, San Jose, 2006

Excellent work. Garba Decoration was very nice, We will work with you anytime.

Anup Vora, Sunnyvale, 2005

Mandap was very beautiful. Every one loved it. Thank you so much.

Darshini Modi, Oakland, 2005

Mandap looked very nice. We were happy with your work.

Ram & Cristina, Palo Alto, 2004

Thanks for your wonderful work. Loved it.

Surekha Patarawala, Marriott, Santa Clara, 2003

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